Domestic cats deserve protection from endangerment to their health and safety.

Wild animals deserve protection from endangerment to their health and safety.

Animals are not required to endure unnecessary and preventable suffering. Utility Farm believes humans to be responsible for the uptake of planet stewardship, in order to reduce the suffering of sensitive, vulnerable animals through advocacy, research, and action.

The impact of free-ranging domestic cats on the environment is paramount. Both feral and owned cats are responsible for the death of billions of birds and mammals each year.

We are committed to supporting nonprofit organizations that work to rescue, rehabilitate, and finds homes for domestic cats. In support of these efforts, Utility Farm would like to present The Compassionate Cat Grant. This grant aims to educate new cat owners in their responsibility to their pet, as well as to the fauna in their surrounding neighborhood.

Data collected from this grant program will be used to determine the viability of cat predation advocacy at this level. Conclusions drawn from this analysis will be used to inform future programs and campaigns.

If your organization is interested and qualified, refer to our Grants page for more information and the application.

If you have further questions, please email grants@utility.farm

About Utility Farm

Utility Farm's mission is to research, raise awareness, and reduce the suffering of animals. utility farm publishes qualitative research and thought on utilitarianism, with a focus on applied ethics and wild animal suffering.

Utility Farm is a 501(c)3 non-profit based in the State of Minnesota.