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We envision a world where cat owners are educated in all areas of their animal’s welfare - physical, mental, and environmental. We aim to reduce the suffering experienced by wild and domestic animals.

We are awarding unrestricted funding to animal shelters eligible to participate in a small survey of their adopters, and are willing to collect data on cat adopter behavior during and after the adoption process. The Compassionate Cat Grant requires an organization to distribute an educational leaflet to every new adopter. The educational leaflet will explain the risks, both to the animal and the wild animals, associated with allowing a cat to go outside.

There are two options for conducting data collection, depending on the experience of the organization:

  1. If the organization has not previously collected data on a cat’s indoor/outdoor status 30 days post adoption, the leaflet program must be run as a split test. (Half of the adopters will receive the leaflet, the other half will not.)

  2. OR If the organization has previously collected data on a cat’s indoor/outdoor status 30 days post adoption, the leaflet program can be run alone. (All of the adopters will receive the leaflet.)

The Compassionate Cat Grant has a potential award of $500 - $1500 to those approved for the award, based on a variety of factors. The award is unrestricted.

The deadline to apply is November 14th, 2018. Applications will be processed the following week and applicants will then be contacted with a decision.

After the deadline, applications will reopen in the fall of 2019.



Eligibility requirements

If your group is interested in working with us to reduce the suffering of animals, ensure that you meet our eligibility requirements to receive the grant:

An eligible organization must:

  • Have annual cat adoptions of at least 1000 animals per year,

  • Have previously collected data on a cat’s indoor/outdoor status at least 30 days post adoption OR willing to conduct program as a split test,

  • Have the ability to print educational leaflets,

  • Be in good standing with the IRS,

  • Be located within the United States.


Please email compiled materials to

Only applications with all necessary documents will be considered for the award.

An eligible organization must provide:

  • Their most recent Form 990,

  • Their most recent, audited financial statements, and

  • Their Employer Identification Number.

In one document, please provide:

  • Name of organization,

  • Name of grant contact,

  • Email address, phone number, physical address, and

  • A short description of your organization.

  • How your organization meets or intends to meet the eligibility requirements.



frequently asked questions

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Please contact us at with any questions or concerns regarding the grant process.

My organization is in Canada, can we still apply for the grant?

Unfortunately, no. Our grant only supports organizations within the United States.

How is the amount of the award determined?

We evaluate each organization on a number of factors that include financial need, number of annual adoptions, among other things.

What can we spend the award on?

The grant is unrestricted. However, you may choose to use the award to cover the cost of printing the educational leaflet.